A progression of Discipleship and a Path to Prosperity

In the past 6 years, without really planning it, we have seen God’s hand in bringing all this vision to fulfillment.  In 2006, along side the church, Saturday Kids Club was started, a VBS like outreach to the community children each saturday to as many as 500 kids,a ministry which has continued uninterrupted until this day.  This has been our first stage of discipleship, out-reach to the masses.

pfk1Early on, Saturday club was augmented by Sunday and Wednesday school, where children are taught in a more intimate setting about a Father who loves them and His Son Jesus who died for their sins to save them.  Fathers are scarce in many of these children’s lives, and love is a word than most children grow up associating with perversion.  The Child Discipleship Program started as a means of financially helping orphaned children and children with single mothers to be able to afford to go to school.  With the help of Potters Field Ministries, it has grown from helping 20 children each term, to 140 children each term, with sponsors involvement coming from Australia to the United States. This is our second stage, making disciples.

As we got to know our children, and saw how many were orphaned, unwanted, or uncared for, we started a literacy school to give these disadvantaged children an opportunity to read and write.  This literacy school gave birth to our primary school, Calvary Chapel Christian Academy,cca1now 240 children strong, with the vision of giving a God centered primary school education to the children in our community, especially those who had fallen through the cracks and found themselves at the very ‘bottom’.    2 years ago, we started C4 (Calvary Chapel Christ Corps), a boy scout like discipleship program for teenage boys and girls applying Bible understanding, leadership skills, and life principles, into day to day life, church and community service.  Asifiwe Children’s Choir brought discipleship in a different medium. This lively and joyful youth choir made up of children from the school and church, celebrates Uganda’s unique music in the context of praise, worship and dance.  This is our third stage, identifying and building leaders.

Ignite Uganda, our last stage of youth discipleship, is a 6 month discipleship, ministry training and work program we started this past year for our youth who, having grown up through our various ministry programs, are in their gap year between high school and university.  As these children, many of whom have been with us from “Saturday Club” and Sunday School,  make that big step of going in to ignite2University, our desire was to give our them a strong footing from which to make that step.  So far, 21 students have graduated from the program and have been given the opportunity to study in degrees ranging from pastoral studies to computer science, and surveying.  These students have a future built  upon the solid hope of Jesus Christ.  Our prayer is that these youth will be the ones equipped to be committed husbands and wives, honest and hard working employees, leaders with integrity, church leaders with character, pastors with the true hearts of a shepherd.

And so, in the pattern of Jesus, we are reaching out to the multitude and drawing out the 120, the 12, and the 3.  These are Calvary’s Children, bought with the price of Christ’s death at Calvary.  These are children who at one time had no Father, didn’t know love, and had understanding of how a verse like Jeremiah 29:11 would work out in their lives.  Having now met their loving Savior at Calvary, they are falling in love with Him and giving their futures to Him to use for His glory in this nation.  We can only look forward to witnessing how God will use these children to build up the old waste places, and …raise up the foundations of many generations  in this nation.