Zuukuka Vocational School exists to raise up men and women out of poverty, despair and hopelessness into the blessed life of dignity and self-sufficiency that is offered through Christ Jesus. We use the tools of trade to restore hope and help them to rebuild their lives. As they become adept in practical skills they are able to work with their hands to provide for themselves and their families.

Zuukuka” means rise up. It is a Luganda which has a meaning related to waking up from sleep or rising up from the dead. This name was chosen because we desire to help the poor and needy of our community to rise up out of their desperate situation into a new life fully centered on Christ.

We take in adults who have not had the chance of completing formal education for various reasons, including poverty, death of parents or spouses, abandonment by parents or spouses, early pregnancies, etc. One way they are able to rise up is to use their hands to build their own hopeful future through the power of Jesus Christ in them.

Academic Program

Our academic program has a certification process that consists of two years.

Each year consists of three terms, beginning in February, with the last term ending in November. Throughout those two years the students will gain a well-rounded education in their skill area, as well as taking courses in Business, Bible and English. Students pay a small fee for each term to cover the costs of study materials.

we currently have three major areas of study.


  • Tailoring: This program equips students with a variety of tailoring skills. Students will learn techniques in sewing machine use and maintenance. Some of the topics covered in this course include design and the making of dresses, traditional gomes, trousers, shirts, skirts and children’s dresses, among many others.
  • Carpentry: This program offers training in the use of various tools and safety procedures of carpentry. Students spend most of their time in the workshop where they learn techniques and methods practically.
  • Housekeeping: This program prepares students to work as house keepers in homes and hotels. They are trained in general housekeeping, use of household machines, cooking, cleaning, finances and character development.


Students are encouraged to enhance their knowledge and skills through taking elective courses in specialized studies.

  • Craft: This course offers training in the making of African crafts, including beaded jewelry, purses, mats, baskets and more.
  • Beekeeping: The Beekeeping course provides students with hands-on learning in caring for bees and harvesting honey, to guide students in beginning their own bee keeping projects.

Contact information For more information, please contact our secretary at Calvary Chapel Entebbe, tel. 0702578652.