What Is Happening In The Potter’s Field!

Those of you who are familiar with Calvary Chapel Entebbe know of our friends and partners in the ministry, Potter’s Field Ministries.  How God brought us together is a wonderful story.   I love to share this message as it speaks to the heart of what, by God’s grace, we are doing day by day as we minister in Entebbe.

And they took the thirty pieces of silver, the value of Him who was priced, whom they of the children of Israel priced, and gave them for the potter’s field, as the Lord directed me. Matt. 27:9.

A potter’s field, especially in Biblical times, would typically have been an unseemly place. An ugly, useless piece of ground, pock marked with craters from which clay had been mined, heaps of which, mixed with soil, are haphazardly piled in unorganized mounds, useful only for growing weeds. Marred, unfinished, and broken pots are carelessly strewn about while countless shards of various sized clay litters the ground. All this, testimony of the work previously done.

The religious leaders had a problem. They needed a plot of land to bury this undesirable named Judas, and others who were like him. With the 30 pieces of silver, they bought a Potter’s Field, a plot good for nothing but to be a burial ground for strangers, outcasts, and otherwise unknown people. And the amazing thing? It was nothing short of the price of Jesus’ life, 30 pieces of silver, that bought that field, a waste land of useless dirt, broken pots, and shards of clay.

This passage strikes me as one of the most beautiful pictures of God’s Grace. Jesus bought that “field” with His life, for the sake of giving us, the unfinished, marred, and broken pots, an abundant new life, an eternal hope, and a heavenly calling. We, whose only future was to be buried and forgotten in that unmemorable landscape, now have a chance to be molded and remade in the masters hand, “vessels for honor”, fit for the Master’s use. Glory be to God!

What is happening in this Potter’s Field? Each child’s life, each youth, each young and old adult…a “lump of clay being molded… a broken shard of clay being remade” in the hands of the Master!